Michael Trauffer / Fabulett Productions Fabulett 1933

Musicals & Opera


A queer one-person musical featuring music, original songs and ideas and lives classified as ‘degenerate’ by the Nazis. Written and performed by Michael Trauffer and set at the transition from one of the most liberal societies of its time to one of the biggest tragedies in human history, Fabulett 1933 deals with the fragility of society's achievements and the struggle of visibility. 'A tender and towering tribute to the massacre of gays during the Second World War' ★★★★ (LouReviews.blog). 'A quintessential piece of theatre' ★★★★ (Theatre and Other Things LDN, Instagram). 'Absorbing' ★★★★ (LondonTheatre1.com).

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Programme