Phil Hammond Vote Dr Phil?



Phil Hammond was sacked by the BBC for pledging to stand against his MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, in 2022 (or next week). Can he win? And should he be in charge of health? Sing it loud: 'Dr Phil for Health Secretary… he's got to be better than the last three'. 'One of the most entertainingly subversive people on the planet' (Guardian). 'Consistently funny' ★★★★★ (Sunday Telegraph). 'If Dr Phil were a medicine, you should swig him by the litre' ★★★★ (Times). NHS doctor for 32 years, Private Eye journalist 27 years, founder of the Intelligent Kindness Party (IKIP).


  • Aug 2-5, 7-13, 16-19, 21-24 21:30 (55m) £12.00 (£10.00)