Bony Tony Bony Tony’s Silly Show



Silly (adj.) - stupid, crazy, illogical, immature, crazy again, walnut-brained
Bony Tony is your host for this fun-filled family show. Whether you’re a silly kid, a silly grown-up, or even a silly older person, it’s fine, please come. Bony Tony promises to entertain you all.
But it’s not just Bony Tony on his own. He has brought in other performers from all over the world. There is a worm from the UK, but there is also a crocodile from the Nile, and an octopus from... wherever they come from.
So sit down and strap yourselves in for some silliness, songs and chat from Bony Tony and friends. You may lose your mind, but you may win a prize!

Meet the cast
Bony Tony - a human being, of sorts, from the UK. He was born long, long before all the Brexit nonsense. He plays ukulele, he dances, he sings, he talks, and he throws eggs.
Squirmy Wormy - a worm that strangely resembles a snake, from the UK. He has a deep talking and singing voice, and is a little over-affectionate but very rhythmic.
Mochadile - a mocha-drinking, mockery-dealing crocodile from the Nile. He is good with water, but doesn’t like jokes.
Octofussy - she is an octopus who, though very lovable, is rarely satisfied. Her response is always the same. It may be, however, that we cannot truly understand her, because the rest of the cast do not speak octopus language.

This show was part of our 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Programme