Scruffy Mutt Theatre Milkshake



Amber. Silver. Freya. Scarlet. Four young lives. Some very big problems. Like dope smoking parents. Promiscuous partners. Psychotic friends. Sexting fails. Pregnancy. And blackmail. In their third successive Fringe performance, Scruffy Mutt Theatre’s all-female cast of talented young performers explore the bitter legacy of dissatisfaction in this visually arresting and caustic production; served up with a generous dollop of black humour, a sprinkle of contemporary dance and a rather nasty little ending. Praise for former shows: ‘A very good show’ ★★★★ ( for The Red Shoes). ‘Frankly remarkable’ ★★★★ (Student Newspaper for A Clockwork Orange).

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Programme