Enebro Teatro Lorca: A Theatre Beneath the Sand



´The Public´ ("El Público") was an unfinished drama written in NYC and Cuba between the years 1930-1931. Probably it is one of the most representative writings by Federico García Lorca, because it includes some of the principal characteristics in the work of the poet: His love to the real theatre or an emotional participacion of the public in the drama (´theatre beneath the sand´) in odds with the classical drama (´open air theatre´); love between people, mainly homosexual love and an introduction to surrealism in Spanish dramatic literature, in parallel with surrealism in paintings (Salvador Dali) and cinema (Luis Buñuel). Our show tries to represent through a rehearsal exercise between two young actors that dramatical univers developed by the original play.

This show was part of our 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Programme