Susie K Taylor Jewbana



When a self-involved loud stubborn Jewish Miami princess married a larger, louder and more stubborn Miami Cuban Catholic man and his entire family… she met her match. Jewbana is a moving, autobiographical dramedy inspired by Susie K. Taylor’s life. The play offers a delightful account of clashing cultures, complex family politics, motherhood and other thrills and spills.

“It’s quite a story. There I was, a loud and obnoxious Jewish girl marrying into an even louder Cuban Catholic . How to keep my hyper sexuality and creativity alive and kicking inside this complicated marriage was the challenge of my lifetime.” says Taylor.
As a woman, actor, wife and mother and daughter, Susie K. Taylor has always put pressure on herself to take on particular roles, to be “a pleaser”, to be “a victim” and she is acutely aware of the impact that has on identity, self-esteem and wellbeing.

In creating Jewbana, Susie K. Taylor took the risk of asking other people what sort of person they think she is – accepting that they might be right, then putting it on stage. The result is a 360-degree perspective on a real woman – the good, the bad, “the asshole”.
She says: "This ego-defying thrill will leave you breathless and laughing. Watch her scale great heights and crawl out of abysmal lows. Experience a hurricane of cultural clashes and discover who will she be when she learns to gracefully lets go of everything she was.”

This show was part of our 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Programme