Imperial College Dramatic Society COMPOST



‘This town isn't just Stepford Wives and village fetes. There's more going on, I can taste it…’
‘Crude and overly reliant on asinine churlish humour.’ ★★★★★ Your Mum

When two disgruntled ex-government peons decide their next mildly illegal venture is selling counterfeit bins that will turn plastic into compost, they soon discover that Amersham has a sordid underbelly - one which does not like to be tickled. With the risk that their cover may be blown at any minute by an ardent horticulturist, a high-flying journalist, a coquettish cashier, or a fortune-telling drag queen, the rubbish collectors decide to take drastic action. Challenging what it means to call yourself a Municipal Waste Collection Officer, COMPOST skewers cosy and idyllic small-town life, dissects it, and shakes it until the dirty laundry falls out.

‘The biggest load of rubbish since the Brexit deal.’ ★★★★★ Theresa May

COMPOST is the brainchild of first year French student Calum Drysdale, a poet with several anthologies and a book of translations to his name. This is his first play. Having juggled innumerable productions at Imperial College London on top of her degree, Olivia Revans is delighted to conclude her student drama and stand-up forays by directing COMPOST. Together, the two of them have brought this production from a pub joke to its final iteration here at the Fringe. They both hope you feel, as they do, that the work is a marvellous pile of trash.


Imperial College Dramatic Society has a successful history of selling out shows at the Fringe (Flour, The Interview). With wacky humour and an ego to match, DramSoc presents their newest and funniest play yet.

‘Contrary to the play’s depiction of Amersham, there have been hardly any outrageous crimes here in the past year (that we know of).’ Amersham Town Council

This show was part of our 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Programme