theSpace @ Niddry St

fringe venue

theSpace @ Niddry St offers an unrivaled location right at the heart of the festival on the Royal Mile. The venue is known by audiences for offering an array of award-winning work. Perfect for theatre, musical theatre, physical theatre, dance, music, and comedy the venue is perfect for large to mid-scale performance.

The venue can boast several awards in recent years including in the prestigious Fringe First and NSDF Award for best show. In 2016 over 15,000 theatergoers saw shows in the two spaces.

Since 2015 the courtyard on Crown Square adjacent to the venue has presented a ‘pop-up-bar’ – perfect for a pre or post show drink as well as a great social hub for audiences to gather and for shows to promote their work.

theSpace @ Niddry St Shows

Absolute Improv!
TBC Improv

The acclaimed five-star, sell-out improvised comedy variety show for all the family returns! With comedy sketches, characters, songs and more created before your eyes, there’s something for everyone and every performance is unique!

A Cappella Birmingham

A cappella is back and this time it's competitive! Birmingham University A Cappella Society returns to the Fringe for their fourth year in a sporting attempt to blow you away with all voices and no instruments!

The Aca-pocalypse

A fun and varied set of high quality a cappella intended to entertain all ages.

Almost, Maine
Italia Conti Ensemble 2019

A cold, clear, moonless night in the middle of winter. All is not quite what it seems in the remote mythical town of Almost, Maine. John Cariani’s tragically beautiful play packs wit, charm and, like love, surprises you.

Amazing Stories of Blues and Soul
Ken Wood and the Mixers

Returning after sell-out shows in 2018, the sensational story of soul, from the pounding R'n'B of the 1940s to the smouldering sounds of Stax. Featuring songs of Otis Redding, James Brown and many more.

Annie Jr
Edinburgh Youth Theatre

Edinburgh Youth Theatre will knock your socks off with this lively, fun and charming musical version of Annie Jr. An exhilarating theatre experience for all the family. Licensed by MTI (Europe).

Bang, Bang, You're Dead
Lusher Charter School Theatre Department

Written in response to three high school shootings, Bang, Bang, You're Dead examines the aftermath of a school shooting and encourages communities to explore why such violence occurs.

Bells Presents: Soundscape
Bells in association with Mermaids Performing Arts Fund

Bells, former a cappella champions, presents Soundscape, an immersive musical experience providing an honest and truthful insight into their creative process, staging interactive live improvisation alongside music by Stormzy, James Blake, Nao, Alt-J, Sufjan Stevens and more.

Billy Joel: Piano Man Live
Liquid Lunch Productions

The best of the dynamic songbook of the legendary Billy Joel. The loud, energetic 5-piece band re-create the stadium sound iconic in the early career of the original Piano Man. ★★★★ (

Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Walking Tour With a Scottish Twist
Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Walking Tours

Silent disco returns to its Scottish roots with a magical musical walking tour around Edinburgh. Feel-good classics live commentary and a cheeky Scottish twist. Fun for all. Headphones provided.

A Boy and His Magic Pen
H&H Performing Arts

A young boy with an enormous gift. Follow Ma Liang as he discovers a very special skill that could help his whole village as long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands...

Arbery Productions

One of three office workers is about to lose their job. Mike Bartlett's razor-sharp play about the fine line between office politics and playground bullying exposes the vicious side of human nature and the power of words.

The Theatre Shed Ltd

An original, inclusive theatre production devised by the young people performing. The amazing songs are all original work and this heart-warming, life affirming piece is suitable for all ages.

Cathy: A Retelling of Wuthering Heights
Brickhouse Theatre Company in association with Cathy: A Retelling of Wuthering Heights

This new musical tells of Heathcliff and Cathy, two lovers thwarted by family, society and God. A storm of vengeance brews over the moors as their passionate romance transcends life and death itself.

Parker and Snell Youth Company

A powerful depiction of the modern world. Six teenage characters communicate only via the internet; a chilling premise is forged to create a funny and compelling drama that tackles the issues of teenage life head-on! A multi award-winning production!

Danny the Champion of the World
Seats Back Theatre Company

Danny lives with his father and learns that he poaches pheasants from Victor. One night his father doesn't return, Danny fears the worst and sets off on a courageous journey to save his father.

Death by Shakespeare

A chorus of bawdy spirits lead you through this physically dynamic amalgamation of Shakespeare's finest death scenes – a fresh look at the Bard's beautiful words. Successfully resurrected at the Fringe for it's fourth outing since 2013!

DeciBelles Debut!
Cardiff University A Cappella Society's DeciBelles

DeciBelles are a female-identifying, competitive a cappella group who have sass, sensitivity and power! Our queens in green perform songs that capture girl power and independence, performing hits from this year, such as Salute and Almost Human!

Dragtime! Presents: Cirque du Slay

The drag kings, queens and in-betweens of Cambridge’s premiere drag troupe invite you to a whirling cabaret of dancing, singing, lip-sync, burlesque, comedy and more! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Cirque du Slay...

Elton John: Rocket Man Live!
Liquid Lunch Productions

The best of the eclectic songbook of the legendary Elton John and Bernie Taupin. This loud, energetic 5-piece band re-creates the iconic live sound of the original Rocket Man.

Fifty Shades of Shakespeare

Shakespeare at his most sexy and salacious! A physically dynamic ensemble perform a musical, lyrical mash-up that explores love, sex and relationships in some of the Bard's most famous scenes. With plenty of Grey moments!

Stage 32

A creation story about creativity itself. Gesso: a noun and a verb; a primer for painting and to prime. Get Gesso-ed to come along on this fantastical romp through the art world. Interactive, visually thrilling fun for everyone.

Gilbert and Sullivan's Improbable New Musical: Less Miserable
The Coily Dart Theatre Company

Using songs taken entirely from the Gilbert and Sullivan canon, this show tells the story of the world's longest-running musical, with a few Gilbertian plot twists to make it Less Miserable!

If It Didn't Matter
Cup and Dagger

A tale of rebellion, self-destruction and finally realisation; Siofra Dromgoole's new play explores timeless themes of the teenage experience through a vibrant, moving and often comic modern text.

The Watch This Improv Troupe

Improvabunga: the totally improvised movie adventure. Featuring live musical accompaniment and buzzers that you can use to control the performers. There’ll be songs, there’ll be tears, there’ll be kisses (or slaps) and there’ll be funny. ★★★★★ ( ★★★★ (

In PurSUEt
Eleanor Higgins / Bush Productions

Based on true events. A Sue Perkins superfan, sent to therapist to deal with her drinking, relays her adventures pursuing Sue. Fleabag meets Miranda in this fierce, heartfelt LGBT comedy/drama. 'Not to be missed!' ★★★★★ (Red Rails Theatre)

In the Heights
Pac Arts

In the Heights tells the universal story of a vibrant community in New York’s Washington Heights neighbourhood – mixing hip hop, traditional Latin and American music, performed with live music.

The Shakespeare Edit

Rape. Revenge. Hope. Following critical acclaim in India, Shakespeare's Lucrece comes to Edinburgh. 'A hard-hitting tale of courage we all need to see' ( 'A compelling theatre production' ( 'I sat stunned and somehow hopeful' (Mumbai Mirror).

Dingwall Players

Biting, irritating, in your face, everywhere – no escape. Four women, an isolated location. Who has summoned them? Why? What links them? A stranger arrives – they are made to confront their pasts. Love, death, humour and bloody midges!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Young Actor's Camp

Actors from around the world rehearsed via Skype for four months and then met here in Scotland to put on Shakespeare's romantic comedy: A Midsummer Night's Dream! Come join us for love, fairies and a donkey.

Scruffy Mutt Theatre

Amber. Silver. Freya. Scarlet. Four young lives. Some very big problems. Like dope smoking parents. Promiscuous partners. Psychotic friends. Sexting fails. Pregnancy. And blackmail. Served up with black humour, a sprinkle of contemporary dance and a nasty ending.

Minds Alight!
Illuminations A Cappella

Illuminations A Cappella’s powerful show Minds Alight!, in support of YoungMinds, combines their vibrant image and uplifting music to convey a powerful message of adversity, friendship, and companionship. Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to support YoungMinds!

Misha's Gang: Strings on Fire
Russian String Orchestra

A musical treat to really raise the spirits! Rousing and dynamic, this world-class ensemble perform a wide range of delightful classical works inspired by movies, dance, opera and travel. 'An unashamed crowd pleaser' ★★★★★ (ThreeWeeks).

Noir Hamlet

Wild new comedy by John Minigan reimagines Hamlet as a wise-cracking 1940s detective up to his neck in a comedic case with more twists than a gallows necktie. Boston Globe Critics' Pick! Edge Media's Best of Boston

The Bluebelles

The Bluebelles cordially invite you to an awards show like no other: prepare for awesome a cappella covers, guaranteed to keep your toes tapping all night long!

Nothing to Hide

My iPhone can hear me. Alexa listens. They’re watching through the webcam. Is privacy dead, or are we just paranoid? Using verbatim testimony, we take you through an unsettling journey into who is listening.

Ophelia is Also Dead
Sightline Productions

Immerse yourself in the story of Ophelia’s life. It's been 53 years since Rosencrantz and Guildenstern premiered, over 500 since Hamlet and no one has ever asked her how she felt about it all.


You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old. Pearls is a verbatim play about the forgotten personalities, the ignored characters, and the presumed frustrations of the elderly, told by the young.

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

A new adaptation of JM Barrie's 1906 prequel, introducing new characters and adventures in a family show which explores how one child named Peter became 'the boy who would not grow up'.

RadioOctave: The Night We Met

At the Fringe for the second time, RadioOctave presents vibrant vocals, brilliant beatboxing and captivating choreography, taking you on a journey of love. From jazz to pop, electronic to ballads, there's something for everyone!

Robert Burns the Musical
Lossie Entertainment

Based upon an idea by David Gest and Michael Jackson, Robert Burns the Musical by Tish Tindall is the story of love, Scotland and one man's struggle to redefine his pride of worth.

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society

‘When you leave here, everything else will be exactly the same. The only thing that’s changed is you.’ The company behind SiX brings this moving and life-affirming original musical about addiction, mental health services and recovery to the Fringe.

Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility tells the story of the Dashwood sisters as they navigate the world of love, loss and society. Can one sister learn to follow her head while the other learns to follow her heart?

Lion Theatre Company

When Kyra receives a visit from her ex-lover Tom, the night they spend together forms a narrative that explores the complexities of relationships, grief, love and opposing ideologies of a modern Britain.

Stay Loyal to the Royals

Concerned about the future of the Commonwealth, the Queen has undertaken a world tour to connect with her "people". Her Majesty will show the world that the royal family spills more tea than the Kardashians.

Stepping Out
Stage Avenue Performing Arts

Described as a funny and heart-warming comedy, Stepping Out is a hugely popular play, following the lives of seven women and one man who meet at a weekly dance class to tap their troubles away.

Arbery Productions

At the end of the day a grandmother remembers her first date, the man she married and the ups and downs of their life together. An intense and moving portrait from Maggie Macleod.

Ron Davis' SymphRONica

BBC Radio 3 regulars Ron Davis' SymphRONica return for a fourth Fringe. They’ve won worldwide raves including four stars from The Herald and The Scotsman. This is the music you’ve been looking for, the jazz you want to hear!

This Island's Mine
Italia Conti Ensemble 2019

Passionate, lyrical, witty ensemble storytelling. 1988. Thatcher's Britain. A kaleidoscope of characters and their stories appear against a backdrop of cynicism, racism and homophobia. With music and song, it's a glorious celebration of self-discovery, self-confidence and pride.

Trips and Falls
Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG)

What happens when two sisters steal their mum’s car and drive to Arran to scatter their grandmother's ashes? Trips and Falls is a road trip scattered with chaos, comedy and family journeys.

Twelfth Night

One of Shakespeare’s funniest comedies brought to you by CYD. These talented highly skilled improvisers are enjoying their fourth year at the Fringe. If there was a spirit of the Fringe, this group is it.

Under Milk Wood
Malvern Theatres Young Company

Directed by Nic Lloyd, Malvern Theatres Young Company bring Dylan Thomas’s exquisitely lyrical language alive in their presentation of Under Milk Wood: a play for voices. Come along and hear the secrets of the dreamers of Llareggub.

Vanity Airlines
SAS Productions

Vanity Airlines holds the prestigious title of Airline of the Year 2012 but how did the most popular airline lose their touch? Having not won anything in six years, a group of flight attendants decide to take action.

Warwick Improv Presents: Anything You Want
Warwick Improv

Six actors. One hour. No script. Watch characters collide in a series of engaging narratives wound around unpredictable scenes. Expect an evening of captivating, emotionally charged improv with a splash of comic absurdity.

We Want You to Watch
Bathway Theatre Company

'Can we just say we’re completely pro sex'. The Bathway Theatre Company’s unsettling and powerful performance confronts you with pornography’s effect on society. Can Pig and Sissy find a way to pull its plug?

Weegie Hink Ae That? Presents: Nae Bother!
Weegie Hink Ae That?

The Weegie boys are back. This time with an even bigger and bamier show! From outrageous sketches to catchy songs, they'll have ye creasing from start to finish! So, Weegie Hink Ae That?

The Wizard of Oz
Flying High Young Company

A new, colourful, lively adaptation of Dorothy's journey to Oz with original songs and music brought to you by a vibrant, talented young company who had sell-out shows for 2016, 2017 and 2018. Join us!

The Wizard Of Oz
The Talentz

From the company that previously brought you Elf comes this imaginative retelling of the classic tale. Featuring a live band and sensational youth cast, delve into your imagination and join us in Oz this Fringe!



The Lower theatre seats 102 and the audience is on three sides of the 8m wide by 4.5m deep thrust stage. The stage itself is at floor level and the clearance above it is at least 2.5m.

The rear rows of seats are raised to create an amphitheatre feel for the venue.

The lighting rig is simple yet effective and should prove adequate for simple designs. The sound rig is a full-range system designed for music.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects


Niddry Upper is a unique in-the-round or thrust theatre with a 5x5m stage seating 92 (in the round) or seating 73 (thrust). The seating is in an amphitheatre style arrangement and the stage is flat on the floor.

Audience capacity
73 (thrust) or 92 (in the round)
Stage size
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects