theSpace @ Niddry St

fringe venue

theSpace @ Niddry St offers an unrivaled location right at the heart of the festival on the Royal Mile. The venue is known by audiences for offering an array of award-winning work. Perfect for theatre, musical theatre, physical theatre, dance, music, and comedy the venue is perfect for large to mid-scale performance.

The venue can boast several awards in recent years including in the prestigious Fringe First and NSDF Award for best show. In 2016 over 15,000 theatergoers saw shows in the two spaces.

Since 2015 the courtyard on Crown Square adjacent to the venue has presented a ‘pop-up-bar’ – perfect for a pre or post show drink as well as a great social hub for audiences to gather and for shows to promote their work.

theSpace @ Niddry St Shows

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Honeycomb Productions

An eclectic group of six mid-pubescents vie for the spelling championship of a lifetime. With a vibrant score and book, this musical is a charming exploration of the highs and lows of adolescence.

Absolute Improv!
to be continued...

Edinburgh’s own five-star, five-time Fringe sell-out improv comedy theatre company returns for more improvised comedy fun! Featuring comedy characters, stories, sketches, music, songs and more created before your eyes. Every show is unique and has something for everyone!

A Cappella Birmingham (University of Birmingham)

The University of Birmingham A Cappella Society is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe for our third year! Featuring some of our magical groups, beatboxing and more. Please check our Facebook/Twitter for details.

The Addams Family
The Talentz

From the company that previously brought you Peter Pan and Elf the Musical comes this spooktacular new musical comedy. Featuring a live band and sensational youth cast, this show promises to entertain whether you're 7 or 307!

Ah Dinnae Ken
Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG)

A second Scottish independence referendum has been called. Soon your parents will ask you to murder your neighbours. A pair of star-crossed lovers risk their life, this time, in a neighbourhood war of Scottish independence.

An Algorithm Named Kevin
Loggerheads Theatre

Are you happy with a curated life? A funny, fast-paced, physical and thoughtful journey into a modern world where everyone is replaceable, decisions are outsourced and technology knows you better than you know yourself.

Alice in Wonderland
American Performing Arts International

Come explore the world of the unknown as we join Alice careening down a rabbit hole and finding herself in an unfamiliar situation where she meets all of the beloved characters from the Lewis Carroll classic.

Amazing Stories of Blues and Soul
Ken Wood and the Mixers

Returning after sell-out shows in 2017: the sensational story of soul – from the pounding R'n'B of the 1940s to the smouldering sounds of Stax. Featuring songs of Otis Redding, James Brown and more.

Beauty and the Beast
Flying High Young Company

Join us on this wonderful well-known tale of greed and humility with original music and songs from a vibrant, talented young company who brought you sell-out shows for Aladdin in 2017. ★★★★ (ThreeWeeks). ★★★★ (

Best of Broadway Ballads
American Performing Arts International

Cam Cahoon sings your favorite Broadway hits! Big Broadway ballads you know and love from this amazing tenor! ‘Superb delivery from Cam Cahoon who would later sing a faultless Bring Him Home from Les Miserables' (

Billy Joel: Piano Man Live!
Electric Wolf Productions

The best of the dynamic songbook of the legendary Billy Joel in under an hour. This loud, energetic five-piece band pay tribute to the iconic stadium sound of the original Piano Man.

Bob the Russian
Naughty Corner Productions

Multi award-winning NCP's sixth show. The World Cup, Russia, 2018. There's hooligans, there's riots on the streets, there's police... there's Bob... and Bob has a plan. Outrageous comedy from the creators of Not The Horse. ★★★★ (ThreeWeeks).

By Process of Illumination

A cappella brilliance returns to Edinburgh. Electrifying old classics with fresh beats and showcasing their unique style as seen on Sky One, Illuminations present a show that takes you backstage in the a cappella world.

Casanova Dreaming
Arbery Productions

Asleep in bed with his first true love, 19-year-old Giacomo Casanova is visited by an old man who shows him his future – but is what he sees a promise or a warning?

The Dark Philosophers
Italia Conti Ensemble 2018

A great, big, sad, beautiful joke. The stories of Gwyn Thomas' 1930s Rhondda Valley are told with music, wild humour and joyous humanity. Expect punch-ups, murderous plots, sex and something lurking in the cabbage patch!

Dear Lucy...
Flying High Theatre Company

In 1918, the letters stopped and Lucy had to face the future having lost her fiancé and brother in the last weeks of the war. This true story suggests the effect this trauma had on her life.

Do It Now: Manual Override
Serious Play Theatre Ensemble

Danger! Trusted systems are corrupted and broken. Time for Manual Override. Join John Sheldon with his red Stratocaster, Tony Vacca on percussion and Paul Richmond with spoken word. Topics from the mundane to the political.

Dragtime Presents: Things Live!

Things Live! A variety cabaret of Dragtime's most unusual and magical Drag performances yet. Drag Kings, Queens and Inbetweens gather for an evening of singing, dancing, lip-syncing and oddity!

A Fair Tale About a Fairy Trade
Human Rongs

A new adaptation of the family favourite Cinderella, shining a light on human trafficking. Is the impossible possible? Will Prince Charming waltz Cinderella out of this one? Happily ever after isn't the end.

Digital Drama

Washington State, 1910. "Doctor" Linda Hazzard opens her sanatorium to the public. The public do not always survive… Fast is a dark psychological drama questioning how far you would go to find the perfect cure.

Goodbye Rosetta
Hungry Wolf VYT

Goodbye Rosetta is a fast-paced and warm-hearted tale of a group of teens coming of age. After the ground gives way beneath her, Mo is forced to navigate her reality, finding her way with help from the stars.

The Grimm Truth
B-Rack Theatre Company

The Grimm Tales are wildly reimagined in this exciting retelling using themes from modern Britain. From child sexual exploitation to mental health and everything in between, these are fairytales for the new age.

The Watch This Improv Troupe

Improvabunga: the totally improvised movie mash-up. Featuring live musical accompaniment and buzzers that you can use to control the performers. There’ll be songs, there’ll be tears, there’ll be kisses (or slaps) and there'll be funny. ★★★★★ ( ★★★★ (

Into the Blue
University of Gloucestershire

A play about women who take to the skies. Expect thrills, spills, and derring-do, lost cosmonauts, spitfire pilots and see record-breaking aviators Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson leap into action.

The Key, the Map and the Mysterious Quest
Hannah and Helen Performing Arts Beijing

One sunny afternoon David and Lucy were playing with their dog in the garden and suddenly a strange creature called a Rapadoodle appeared. Coco the Rapadoodle gave them a magical key.

Kids Play
Boys of the Empire Productions

Checklist. Pyjamas, teddy bear, money, pills, handcuffs. Text Marty. If I don't call by midnight, something bad's happened. From Boteproductions (Lord Dismiss Us, ★★★★★ (Scotsgay)) a strange story of what a lonely boy will do for love.

King John
American Performing Arts International

Direct from the USA, the defending National Shakespearean Acting Champions present Shakespeare’s history, King John. This heart-pounding experience keeps you on your toes, literally, as you join the characters in this thrilling trip to early thirteenth-century Britain.

Like Drowning
Theatre Paradok

E and V are women, or so they think. But what is a woman anyway? Using artificial intelligence to generate characters, Like Drowning explores identity, abuse and the pervasive gender inequalities that still exist in today's society.

The Meeting
Barewater Productions

Chris will do anything to get what he wants. Today that means attending a meeting... where everyone in attendance will also do anything to get what they want. A thrilling dark comedy where nothing is what it seems.

Monday at Golden Oak High
Big Spirit Theatre Co

He was an unpopular kid, just a little too different from his classmates. He wasn't sure what to do about that – so one day he came to school with a gun.

Much Ado About Nothing
Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare’s beloved romantic comedy is freshly updated to the lush setting of 1980s Sicily. Wealthy families gather for a languid summer of revelries, and romances bloom between four lovers in this immersive emotionally charged adaptation.

A Night of Dark Intent
American Performing Arts International

In 1978, eight women come together in an abandoned house where Lenora Stark murdered her parents thirteen years ago. They discover their power to unravel the secrets of what happened and reveal the horrifying truth.

No Honour in Blood
Marauders Theatre Company

When two Spartan warriors find themselves trapped and lost in the underworld, they must outwit a devious enemy, or remain forever in the land of the dead.

Taxi Man Productions

In a quiet forest, where magic dwells, the sun sets and Pippin’s world comes to life. Join us for an hour or two as we take you through a wild experience full of wonder and enchantment.

Iain Stringer Works

Two men. Alone. They are ambushed. There's a struggle. One escapes. The other is taken away, interrogated and imprisoned. They long for each other and fight for the day they will be reunited. To love. To Prevail.

Punching Judy

Based on true events, Punching Judy will connect its audience to the paradigms of perpetration and survival, through the sinister world of domestic abuse.

The Red Guitar
Serious Play Theatre Ensemble

★★★★★ (Herald, 2016). John has stories to tell... Van Morrison’s lead guitar at 17, songwriter to James Taylor, and an encounter with Jimi Hendrix. Part monologue, part stand-up, and always one with his red Stratocaster.

The Red Shoes
Scruffy Mutt Theatre

When a poor young girl is offered a pair of magical red shoes, it seems all her dreams will come true. But ambition comes at a cost. And soon Karen discovers that she can never stop dancing...

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club

A new translation of the scandalous play from 1903 unveils intimate conversations between people before and after they have sex. Confrontational, physical and funny, it dissects the relentless mechanics of desire, gender roles and power imbalances of our time.

Roald Dahl's The Twits

'Mr Twit was a twit. He was born a twit.' Join the award-winning ETC as we explore Roald Dahl’s terrific tale giving this most revolting of couples their comeuppance for their dastardly deeds.

Romeo and Juliet
Curious Pheasant Theatre

An LGBTQ+ reinvention using Shakespeare’s text and physical theatre to encapsulate the passion of two warring rugby teams.

A Series of Unaccompanied Events
Northern Lights: Durham A Cappella Group

A 2017 sell-out show, Durham's award-winning Northern Lights return to the Fringe for their biggest and best show to date. This is a full-length, fully choreographed a cappella show featuring award-winning 2018 soloists.

Shakespeare Shorts – Much Ado About Nothing
Shakespeare at Traquair

Burned buns in The Great Brexit Bake Off. Beatrice battles co-host Benedick but Don Juan’s confused and Hero harassed. Sinking soufflés and mushy meringues in this Shakespeare comedy specially adapted for a young audience.

Shakespeare Shorts – The Taming of the Shrew
Shakespeare at Traquair

The cast is revolting, her producer perplexed and Kate’s is seething. Can Petrucio restore order and tame the tyrannical Kate? Can Kate outwit this manic misogynist? Modern twist to this lively Shakespeare tale, specially adapted for a young audience.

The Shakuhachi Experience
Markus Guhe

This fascinating new show takes the shakuhachi, Japan's ancient, quintessential bamboo flute, on a journey from its mythical beginnings shrouded in mystery into the 21st century. The programme features traditional shakuhachi solos, taiko drumming and live electronics.

Sister Act
Stage Avenue Performing Arts

Stage Avenue Performing Arts invite you to pull up a pew and get ready to dance in the aisles for their Edinburgh Fringe debut of the musical comedy, Sister Act.

Someone Somewhere by Sam Potter
North of the Wall

Summer. A music festival. A group of friends celebrate their exam results. Everyone wants to have fun and forget about real life but some things are just too big to forget.

Tenacious D: The Musical of Destiny
The Musical of Destiny

This epic rock comedy tells the story of young rockers JB and KG forming their band Tenacious D and their journey to obtain the magical pick of destiny!

Through the Kaleidoscope
The Scopes

Take a journey with Imperial College London’s premiere mixed a cappella group through a spectrum of genres and themes in their debut Fringe show!

Tipping the Velvet
Italia Conti Ensemble 2018

Marking the centenary of women’s right to vote, Italia Conti Ensemble presents Laura Wade’s adaptation of the groundbreaking Sarah Waters novel. A dark, witty and unmissable production taking you through the world of 19th-century Music Hall.

Treasure Island
University of Gloucestershire

The tale of Jim Hawkins and his encounter with the formidable pirate Long John Silver and the hunt for treasure, featuring pirates, sea shanties, swashbuckling fights and a parrot!

Waiting for Ofsted
Westcliff Boys Theatre

Responding to Beckett's Godot, this play explores tensions in education between preparing for big events and valuing everyday life. Whether you are a student, teacher or pupil, are you spending too much time Waiting for Ofsted?

The Wardrobe

The play delves into history by exploring how children survive dramatic events from 1400 to the present. In the safety of the Wardrobe, their secrets are revealed. CYD returns to the Fringe. This play is unmissable.

The Wizard of Oz
Tribe Porty Youth Theatre

A modern take on the classic tale. TPYT have performed to sell-out audiences at the Fringe for the last eight years. Join us somewhere over the rainbow with Edinburgh's own sensational four-star youth theatre company.



The Lower theatre seats 102 and the audience is on three sides of the 8m wide by 4.5m deep thrust stage. The stage itself is at floor level and the clearance above it is at least 2.5m.

The rear rows of seats are raised to create an amphitheatre feel for the venue.

The lighting rig is simple yet effective and should prove adequate for simple designs. The sound rig is a full-range system designed for music.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects


Niddry Upper is a unique in-the-round or thrust theatre with a 5x5m stage seating 92 (in the round) or seating 73 (thrust). The seating is in an amphitheatre style arrangement and the stage is flat on the floor.

Audience capacity
73 (thrust) or 92 (in the round)
Stage size
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects