The Chronic Single’s Handbook

2014 V53

Randy Ross

The Chronic Single’s Handbook is an original comedy by Randy Ross about a never-married hypochondriac who takes a trip around the world looking for the woman of his dreams. It’s a raunchy, male spin on the popular memoir Eat, Pray, Love.

The story begins in the United States and includes segments set in Greece, South Africa, Cambodia, plus a relationship-gone-wrong story called “Domination for Dummies” and a visit to a Southeast Asian body spa called “The Curious Finger.”

The one-hour play has been featured around the U.S. and at fringe festivals in Washington, D.C.; Orlando, Florida; Portland, Maine; and Atlanta.

Read what the critics are saying:

“Literary” “Raw” “Funny”
— DC Metro Theater Arts

“…with its Fringe-like raunchy streak, not a show you’d take home to Mother.
— Orlando Sentinel

“A Fringe show that is worth seeing — for the chronically single or very married alike.”
— Watermark

Randy Ross is an American writer and performer. His fiction and erotica have appeared in The Drum, Black Heart Magazine, Side B Magazine, and, a porn site for women. In 2007, Ross took a four-month trip around the world. He can now say in three languages: “Do you speak English?” “How much is the Pepto-Bismol?” and “Excuse me, is this the evacuation helicopter?” He is writing a novel inspired by the trip with the working title: The Loneliest Planet. His play The Chronic Single’s Handbook is based on the novel.

This show was part of our 2014 season

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