Lucille & Django’s Totally Restorative Yoga Retreat!

2017 V53

PlayFool Theatre

The universe has definitely brought your attention here for a reason. Or not. Read on anyway, you don’t want to be rude. Are you in need of karmic purification? So are we! Join Tasmanian yoga instructors Lucille and Django in an aggressively irreverent night of laughs the people are calling "hilarious!". Inhale. In this dark comedy, the emotionally unstable Django and Lucille tour the world teaching yoga in a bid to cleanse their karma, and yours, as they escape a dark past in the far, far east… Of Australia. Exhale. Challenge yourself to achieve enlightenment! Lucille and Django’s unique brand of yoga practice promises the opportunity to ascend to a higher plane of consciousness in just one hour and guarantees you maybe won’t be reincarnated as a lizard that gets stepped on in the next life! Please note, there is also no actual yoga involved (well, that the yoga federation would recognise, anyway). Are you in need of a laugh, a good stretch or both or neither? Then this is the show for you! We aim to teach you many or no things about yoga. Guaranteed! Just remember, it’s yoga; it’s really more about how you look than how it feels. Doesn’t your aura feel lighter already?

This show was part of our 2017 season