Hell Has No Fury

2017 V38


Hell Has No Fury by TwentySomething

‘There aren’t enough ways for me to tell you how wrong you are… how little you understand…’ From emerging Scottish company TwentySomething, Hell Has No Fury is a powerful retelling of Medea, the tale of Euripides’ infamous anti-heroine. Betrayed by those she loves and trusts, Medea fights to regain control of her life – in any way she can. Nominated for the Inspiration Award and the Performance Excellence Award for Rowan Hall as Medea (Prague Fringe 2016). ‘Make haste to experience this production. You will not be disappointed’ (MichaelCalcottsFringeyBits.tumblr.com).

Aug 21st-Aug 26th, 1:55pm (V38) £10.00 (£8.00)

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