Chips and Cheese

2017 V39

Awkward Talkers Theatre Company

Chips and Cheese by Awkward Talkers Theatre Company

Young Scottish YouTube star Bex has convinced her English boyfriend Philip to move to Glasgow with her. She throws a dinner party to introduce him to her old-school, loony grandparents, and Philip’s best friend Harry turns up to surprise them, bringing a secret of betrayal with him… Clever and entertaining new writing by exciting new theatre company Awkward Talkers. Chips and Cheese is a light-hearted sitcom play – think Gavin and Stacey meets Still Game. Themes include: the differences between millennials and their grandparents, the stereotypes of Scotland vs England and loyalty in modern relationships.

Aug 14th-Aug 19th, 1:10pm (V) £7.00 (£3.00)

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