A Woman’s Wit, Wisdom and Pratfalls

2017 V260

Joan Ellis

Furiously fabulous, award-winning writer Joan Ellis is all about funny bones and flaws. Meet fantastic women from her acclaimed books including The Killing of Mummy’s Boy, shortlisted for the Winston Fletcher Fiction Prize and inspired by a murderer on a train. Prior to making small talk with killers, she larged it in 80s Adland, foolishly juggling working with animals, children and celebrities with bringing up baby. She dropped a lot of balls. ‘Thoroughly engaging… great choice… rapturous applause… engaging’ (Cathy Pace, DoMoreRCL.wordpress.com). ‘Furiously fabulous. Interesting, inspirational. Bloody good laugh’ (Lara Clare Reid, Ventnor Fringe).

This show was part of our 2017 season

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