Clueless Theatre Two by Jim Cartwright (Clueless Presents)



Whether you're after a relaxing lager or fancy a reminiscent Babycham, The White Oak is the pub for you. Here you'll find that the bitter is never off and there's plenty of it. Grab yourself a drink, sit back and watch a blend of characters appear before your very eyes. The landlord and landlady offer a warm welcome with a sinister twist, as they present their eclectic customers: from the weird and wonderful, to the serious and cynical.

No scenery, no props, no sound effects - just the cast, the audience and the script. Minimalism is the key to this enthralling piece of drama which concentrates on the characters and poetry of Cartrwright’s writing.

5 Stars ‘the pair of actors both give tour-de-force performances’ Sardines Magazine
4 Stars ‘a superb 75 min of spellbinding theatre’ RemoteGoat
4 Stars ‘a seamless production that never loses momentum’ Broadway Baby
4 Stars ‘This was some of the best pub theatre I’ve seen in a while!’ Theatre Box
5 Stars ‘The comedy, descending into tragedy and back to hope, was handled with absolute ease by the cast and we were swept along with this rollercoaster of emotions’ - Spotlights
This amateur production of Two is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

This show was part of our 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Programme