Emma Knights Productions The Piano Men



The Piano Men is a show that takes a look at the inequalities between men and women in the music industry through some of my favourite piano men songs. I will be sharing stories from my experiences as well as stories right back to Bach’s day. Sing us a song, you’re the piano man… I am sure they are here somewhere – the piano women.

It all begins with my dad who is my amazing and inspiring piano teacher. He has been since I was little. Is this the connection that led me to seek out other male pianists as I grew up? Or were there other factors at play? I was in my late twenties before I discovered my first inspiring female pianist and it was by accident! Come and hear my story of the men I have aspired to be like and the women I had to search to find. You will leave pondering the reasons for inequality and hopefully with some ideas to make changes for a better future.

I am debuting this one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe! The Piano Men is my first ever solo cabaret show with me on vocals and keys! I will also be the debut of my original song “Pianist Envy” which is bound to be a hit!

This show was part of our 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Programme