52Up Productions 9/11 Was a Conspiracy



A darkly comic drama about what to do when you believe you love someone, but you don’t love what they believe.

What’s that one niggling thing that annoys you about your partner? Something you might have brushed aside in the first instance, ‘it’s no biggie’? Everything else is working out well – nice eyes, great sex, makes you laugh... but also fanatical about opening your eyes to media manipulation and alternative facts. How can you ever have a normal life with someone who doesn’t accept the norm? Follow this one-act monologue as 52Up Productions make their own truth.

52Up Productions is an emerging theatre production company interested in new writing and talent development. After sold out preview shows in the East Midlands over 2017-18, 9/11 Was A Conspiracy finally premieres at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Mixing an interest for well known conspiracy theories with themes of dating, illness, and the dark side of bending perception, writer and director Pip Nixon presents a new work for the female voice. Nicola Wood (BBC’s Deadly Art) performs in Edinburgh whilst seven-and-a-half months pregnant - as the unnamed narrator she takes the audience with her #intotheunkown with story to draw in, amuse, and unnerve.

This show was part of our 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Programme