theSpaceUK – Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Charity update 2014

Edinburgh Fringe 2014

2014 Update – Again, A massive thanks to our A-Capella friends for supporting our two charity events at this years festival. Two busy shows raised funds yet again for theSpace charity ‘Jammii’. Thanks to all the groups that supported the event including ‘The Accidentals’ ‘The Alternotives’ and ‘The Alleycats’. We look forward to seeing you all in 2015.

A-Capella is a genre we very much embrace, we’ve hosted shows across our venues with particular focus on theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, Grand Theatre and theSpace @ Symposium Hall. Contact us on 0131 510 2399 for more information.

Please see below for some more information on Jammi:

Jamii Encouragement Childrens Centre, Busia, Kenya

Jamii is a non-profit registered charity located in Western Kenya, in a town called Busia, situated on the Ugandan border. It was set-up in 2003 by a group of local volunteers as a response to the crisis caused by HIV/Aids whereby children were losing one or both parents to HIV and were being left vulnerable. In 2006 it became a registered charity. It consists of a six-person committee, 2 teachers, a cook and a security watchman. All are committed and tireless folk.

They help children who would otherwise miss out on the opportunity of schooling by offering free pre-school teaching from theages of 3-10 years, without which they would not be allowed to enter the free primary school education system here in Kenya.Currently they care for 50 pre-schoolers: 26 girls and 24 boys; and then an additional 86 primary school Jamii ‘graduates’ thatstill require some assistance. They also help care givers and assist needy families with tools and seeds for growing their own kitchen gardens. They train the local population on basic life skills and disease prevention and are helping spread awareness and reduce the stigma associated with HIV/Aids.

We raise funds for them in order to help with the day-to-day running costs of the centre, plus we assist in improving the facility, as need be. In 2013, Jamii would like to buy their own piece of land and build their own centre. This would eliminate the monthly rent charges they are currently paying, thus allowing them to utilise that money in a more productive way.

Your donations will be helping Jamii in an enormous way. It is a small but extremely worthwhile charity and we see directly where the money is being spent: no middle men pocketing the cash!

This the third year that the SpaceUK has raised money for Jamii, thanks to all of you who came to SEE THE SHOW, and we are sincerely appreciative for this!

To date, they have helped 100s of needy children and care-givers, making their lives better and giving them something to strive for through an education. It can’t get much better than that.

We hope you enjoyed the show and the

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013!!

And on behalf of Jamii: the staff and all the kids:

a huge ASANTE SANA!! – that’s Thank-you! in swahili!

UPDATE: March 2014:

The donations from the 2013 festival have been used to purchase 1 acre of land and to buy the equipment to build and kit out an new school house and garden kitchen. ASANTE SANA!! to theSpaceUK.