theSpace on North Bridge

fringe venue

Located where the Royal Mile meets North Bridge the venue is located perfectly for Fringe audiences. And, with our other theatres at theSpace on the Mile, theSpace @ Venue 45 and theSpace on Niddry St all just a few yards away, we are pleased to be able to offer audiences a wonderful theatre hub right at the centre of the festival.

The venue has a strong reputation for small to mid-scale theatre, music, improv, sketch and comedy. In recent years shows here have won varied awards including the Daily Mail Pick of the Fringe, various NSDF nominations and the Three Weeks Editors Award. The theatres are suitable for casts of 1-12.

theSpace on North Bridge Shows

...And They Whisper Down the Lane
SHUD Theatre

Four people. Four truths. One judgement? This show is about stories that pass through generations. With themes of power, revenge and despair, these stories reveal truths about ourselves, but does that make them true?

44 Inch Chest
Out of Bounds Theatre

A comedic tragedy enveloped in extreme profanity and the stench of toxic masculinity. After his wife's affair, Colin's world falls apart, pushing his unsavoury cohort of friends to seek revenge as he questions his own mental health.

A Cappella Birmingham

A cappella is back and this time it's competitive! Birmingham University A Cappella Society returns to the Fringe for their fourth year in a sporting attempt to blow you away with all voices and no instruments!

The Adventures of Leonard Biscuit Radio Show
William Samson and Samson Video Productions

New to the Fringe! A hilarious farcical radio show about Leonard Biscuit, the most put-upon man in the land, and his escapades. A traditional comedy full of clever, witty dialogue and outrageous characters.

amendments: A Play on Words
Middle-Weight Theatre Company

John works in a world where political correctness is paramount and censorship is rife. Will he soon be inhabiting a world where there is nothing left to say?

Pop Heart Productions and Happenings Theatre Company

Are you okay? Mindfulness app or drunk every weekend? F*ck the pain away or yoga getaway? Medicate or meditate? An unfiltered, immersive look at the vicious cycle of being human. Poignant and so darkly funny it hurts.

The Apology
Fundamentals Theatre Company

The first martyr. A legacy unforgotten. A trial that shaped our civilization. The last days of the the most famous philosopher that ever lived. An exceptional, thought-provoking story of Socrates told through physical theatre.

PACE Rep Company

A story about journeys, routine, loneliness, irrational thoughts, screens, assumptions, fear, memories, coffee and unlikely friendships – but mostly about hope. It’s about how we connect with those around us and the impact we have on others without knowing.

Being and Nothingness
strut and fret Theatre Company

Xiao’s grandma suffers from Alzheimer’s. She still exists. But she’s treated as if she doesn’t. Xiao suffers from her identity crisis. She still exists. But she’s treated as if she doesn’t. A journey crossing time and space, to a small town in the south of China in the 1990s. The humidity of a melting-hot summer’s day, and the vague voice of grandma’s bedtime story. Through the fragments of Xiao’s dream and glimpses of her haunting memory, we explore and experience, what home means to her and how she discovers what makes her who she really is.

Being Frank
The Orange Works

Frank’s son Alex is facing a mental health crisis, and Frank’s got issues of his own. Why can't they talk about it? Being Frank explores men’s relationships with each other, with mental health and with flat-pack furniture.

Bizet to Broadway: Natalie Sternberg
Natalie Sternberg

Natalie’s stunning soprano voice will enchant you as she takes you on a musical journey. The classical-crossover singer performs a variety of showstoppers from operas, musicals and popular contemporary songs including a Kate Bush classic!

Black Dog
Spike Rose Productions

In the wake of a terrible decision, Tommy is burnt out. But help is at hand in the form of the mysterious Tanya. A story of depression, anxiety, and second chances told through theatre, belly dance and music.

Creative Curve Theatre Company

One favourite's descent is another favourite’s ascent. It is the 18th century: Queen Anne lays old and sick in bed, she is drinking copious amounts of brandy as she fortifies herself in preparation for a meeting with Sarah Churchill.

The Brave Anthology
The Mezz Theatre Company

A play fusing a naturalistic plot with an expressionistic style exploring how we identify with the urban environment, as well as the theme of love: where and how we can find it.

Broken English

A contemporary exploration on the journey of the English language. Interactive spoken word, monologues and creative conversations present a story that celebrates creativity and cultural diversity through the various uses of language.

A Cappella Around the World

Using only their voices and innovative live looping, international sensation FreePlay sings you around the world without leaving your seat. New York jazz, UK pop, European classical, Indian ragas, Brazilian samba... FreePlay does it all!

Chaika: First Woman in Space
Acting Coach Scotland

A textile worker is plucked from obscurity to lead the Soviet mission into space, but will mechanical failure leave her stranded among the stars? Discover the story of Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space.

Come Dine with Mr Shakespeare
Roo Theatre Company

Reality TV lurches onto the stage, with four familiar Shakespearean characters competing to win a thousand gold crowns. Join us for a bizarre menu of bristling comedy which hurtles inescapably towards an unforgettable conclusion...

Imperial College Dramatic Society

When two disgruntled ex-government peons decide their next mildly illegal venture is selling counterfeit bins that will turn plastic into compost, they soon discover that Amersham has a sordid underbelly - one which does not like to be tickled. With the risk that their cover may be blown at any minute by an ardent horticulturist, a high-flying journalist, a coquettish cashier, or a fortune-telling drag queen, the rubbish collectors decide to take drastic action. Challenging what it means to call yourself a Municipal Waste Collection Officer, COMPOST skewers cosy and idyllic small-town life, dissects it, and shakes it until the dirty laundry falls out.

Cry of the Gull

Six lives uprooted by war. Displaced, desperately trying to protect a sense of family, their lives collide on a smuggler’s vessel. Based on true stories, this play explores the emotional experience of becoming a refugee.

Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet
Brightside Comedy

A satirical stage show poking fun at the acting profession. With botched lines, technical glitches and bad acting, comedy ensues in this formally tragic play. Despite what anyone says, it’s Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet!

Dissident Sausage
Karen Gemma Brewer

Political prisoner or sausage in a fridge? Toad or feminist? Deity or giant white slug? Prepare to laugh and cry with award winning poet/singer Karen Gemma Brewer, woodworm, sheep, toodles, Frankenstein's sister and more flies than Basic Insect!

Don't Do it, Don't Do It, DO IT!
Zuma Puma

Do it or don't do it? Do it, obviously! A daring one-woman dynamo feminist physical comedy; with puppetry, mask, music and character clown. Dare to witness this odyssey of sexual catastrophe.

Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens
Showdown Productions

Inspired by the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, Elegies is a dramatic and powerful celebration of monologues from those who lost their lives to AIDS, with uplifting songs from those they left behind.

Blue Orange Arts

  1. As a bell tolls, Victor Frankenstein’s monstrous creation explodes into existence. Horrified, Victor flees into the night leaving his creature alone, lost and confused. This faithful telling of the classic novel brings the creature’s plight emphatically to life.

Global Grooves, Ancient Voices

Canadian-based Autorickshaw is a genre-bending, post-fusion powerhouse, world-renowned for their seamless blend of Indian classical music, jazz, pop and live looping technology. Suba Sankaran (voice), Dylan Bell (bass, stick, beatboxing, voice) and Ed Hanley (tabla, voice).

The Good Boyfriend
Woolly Sheep Theatre Company

A murder mystery exploring relationships where anyone could be the perpetrator! Will Inspector LeFevre, through his love of music, apprehend the villain? Woolly Sheep Theatre Company return for the third year in a row.

Durham University Classical Theatre

DUCT presents a modern-day twist on Shakespeare, inviting you into a disorderly world which mirrors the turbulence of our female Hamlet’s madness. It draws parallels to contemporary mental health and the destructive properties it has on relationships and ourselves.

Heir Heads
Pretty Knickers Productions

Three sisters stand to inherit their family’s enormous wealth, until a mysterious young man with a greater claim to the fortune appears. How far are they willing to go to keep their wealth in the family?

Hello? Hello.
Rove St. Productions

A young woman calls a helpline. Someone answers. A misdial. An accidental friendship. Despite devious friends and right-wing sisters, empowering community and rebellious art persist. For those who've felt alone. For those who refused to leave them there.

Fox and Hound Theatre Company

The puzzle pieces that make up Laura’s brain don’t seem to fit. The world doesn’t make sense. She is labelled problematic. A mother in denial, a frustrated teacher and Laura’s inner self move toward a new way of thinking.

Improvisers Assemble!

In the world's darkest hours, when everything seems comedy-less, only one troupe of comedians can save us all. Improvisers, assemble! Come and join us for a superhero movie made up entirely on the spot, inspired by your suggestions!

In PurSUEt
Eleanor Higgins / Bush Productions

Based on true events. A Sue Perkins superfan, sent to therapist to deal with her drinking, relays her adventures pursuing Sue. Fleabag meets Miranda in this fierce, heartfelt LGBT comedy/drama. 'Not to be missed!' ★★★★★ (Red Rails Theatre)

The Last Bread Pudding
Our Star Theatre Company

Finalists at the 2017 All-England Theatre Festival semi-finals, The Last Bread Pudding is a hilarious reconstruction of an am-dram committee deciding what play to do next. The meeting soon goes off agenda and secrets are revealed!

The Last Bubble
Black Light Theatre Company

The Last Bubble tells the story of football enthusiast Rhys who is fighting a battle with cancer. The story represents the challenges that he's facing and how this affects the people that surround him.

Leopold Vindictive
Acting Coach Scotland

With their homeland occupied by the Nazis, these Belgian villagers take on their occupiers with the only weapon they have: pigeons! Discover the true story of the resistance fighters that called themselves Leopold Vindictive!

Fresh Thought Theatre

Five friends become the centre of a media storm as they start a feminist campaign that suggests women should use their ability to reproduce as leverage against the gender pay gap in the UK.

The Life of Spies
Ancient Pickle

When two spies are sent on the same mission at an exclusive diplomatic conference, everything goes wrong. It's a thrilling action comedy filled with lies, deceit and murder. You won't want to miss it.


A scholar and an amnesiac find themselves on the shore of the river Styx. The play follows their bizarre attempts at crossing the river and the unlikely friendship that springs from it.

Listen, You Can Hear the Sound of No Hands Clapping
Ponder Theatre

What happens when we bring era-defining characters back to life? A thought-provoking avant-garde exploration of the self.

Little Wings
PACE Rep Company

Under the light of the moon a girl sees little wings flapping inside her room. A tiny moth searching for a glow will teach Isabella that she too has wings to grow.
An enchanting story exploring feelings.

Love, Loss and Cake
The Swells

A cabaret with songs and stories about love, and loss of love (and cake crops up too). Performed by men, of a certain age, who prize the melodies and the pure poetry of the lyrics.

Tread the Boards Theatre Company

Something wicked this way comes... Tread the Boards Theatre Company presents Shakespeare's compelling classic tragedy of ambition, bloody chaos, witchcraft and ghosts. In this dark, psychological thriller the breakdown of natural order is heightened by our all-female cast.

Mandy Picks a Husband
Amanda Broomell

Almost 40 and totally single, Mandy takes us on a hilarious and raw 55-minute rollercoaster ride as she unearths the magic elixir for her unmarried soul. WINNER of the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival Encore Producers’ Award, NOMINEE for the Soaring Solo Artist Award, and OFFICIAL SELECTION in the 2019 United Solo Festival in NYC!

Mary's Room
Theatre With Teeth

An android, Adam, is introduced to an undergraduate student, Mary, in a series of monitored interactions. But when an unlikely friendship blossoms, a bigger question is at large. What defines their humanity?

Medium Rare Improv
Beard of Zeus

Beard of Zeus returns for their fourth year! Come and see this amazing improv troupe perform their newest show: Medium Rare Improv. Be sure not to miss out! 'Distinguish themselves on sheer talent' ★★★★ (

Misfit Warrior
Stuart Saint

Electrifying synths, beats and casual choreography generate Stuart Saint’s resplendent testimonial gig, where Misfit and Warrior collide. His autobiographical story of HIV and cancer manifest a domino effect of destruction, leaving survivor-in-crisis Stuart rescuing his mortality.

Grey Cardinal Studios

Fast-paced, thrilling, dark and bold. Among the slick bustling chaos that is 1958 Soho, Mojo captures the hilarious agony within the gang of the seedy Atlantic club on the edge of their most profitable deal yet!

Momo and the Inevitable Decay of the House in the Forest

Follow us into the treacherous birch forest of rural Finland, into the unreliable narrative of Ellie's childhood memories. Will her family make it through this summer? Someone will die.

Moon Walk
Sprutt Theater

Roommates Sam and Alex struggle as mental illness and masculine pretenses prevent them from truly connecting—until Rowan moves in. Funny, sad, uncomfortable and healing, Moon Walk is the weirdest party and most fun funeral you’ve ever been to.

A Mother
Jane Gwilliams

What is it like to be the mother of a terrorist? A Mother coaxes us into her experience of anguish, guilt and anger, as she grapples with the monster she has created.

The Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster
The Chanticleer Players

Summer hols, 1953. Young Lady Iris Bungle and her devoted housekeeper, Mrs Squidgyfeet, are in the midst of a spiffing adventure! Will they be able to solve this mystery?

Narukami Thunder God

Narukami is a Japanese tale of deception, seduction and betrayal. This 17th-century classic of the kabuki theatre repertoire recounts a princess' quest to free the dragon god of rain from the clutches of a deranged monk.

Painted Corners
Tablespoon Theatre

An eclectic blend of naturalistic and physical theatre that comes together to tell a tongue-in-cheek tale of friendship, Tinder dates and heartbreak.

Passion Perspectives
Harp Theatre

Where do you stand on the burning issues of today? Who do you trust? Is anything so important you'd stake your life on it? Contemporary politics and history collide in this radical retelling of an age-old story.

Real Eyes
Harrison Sharpe and Archie Stevens

Real Eyes is an exciting new drama capturing the essence of brotherhood. Accomplished young actors Sharpe and Stevens skilfully perform an engaging exploration of memories, through bizarre conversations and brotherly badinage, until truth becomes darker than perceived reality.

The Rubbish Show
On the Brink Theatre Company

On the Brink return, their name having a deeper relevance, with their alternative take on our critically fragile environment; influences happily drawn from Avenue Q and Robin Williams. Sing, laugh and save the world!

The Seven Second Theory
Doris Nymph Productions

John Doe is having a bad day. He's dead. Or close enough to it anyway. This show asks if you had seven seconds to relive your entire life, what would you want to see?

Sherlock Holmes and the Conundrum of Conan Doyle
Quids In Theatre Company

The Supernatural? Sherlock Holmes, master of logic and deduction, attempts to solve his final mystery – why did his creator, a man of science, believe in spirits and faeries?

Shut Up, Helen!
Aireborne Theatre

In this new musical comedy about living with mental health issues, watch as Valerie and her unwanted companion Helen attempt to navigate life, love and heartbreak through delightfully whimsical musical numbers and terribly inappropriate duets.

Some Things are Meant to Be, Anna
Orange Elephant Theatre Company

Follows one woman and her soul's journey through cancer, two children and a chihuahua. A funny, poignant and honest piece of movement theatre exploring the rollercoaster of living with a terminal illness.

Songs for a New World
Gone Rogue Productions

It’s about one moment. This innovative song-cycle brims with gorgeous harmonies, expressive lyrics and vibrant characters. Linked by the moment of decision, these powerful songs examine life, love and the choices we make.

Special Measures
Blackboard Theatre

A classroom comedy. Delve into what life is like as a teacher in 2019. Featuring stories and characters that we can all relate to, come and join us for a day in the chaotic life of a teacher.

Conor Clarke McGrath

Lock the door, turn up the radio, ignore the voice in your head. Stanley loves The Archers, and hates leaving the house. An exploration into one man’s struggle to find his place in a world that’s changing around him.

Anomaly Theatre Company

Privacy is dead. It just doesn't know it yet. A government hacker who sees too much. A university forcibly chipping its students. And what happens when social media becomes sociopathic? Three dark comedies scrutinising the world that scrutinises us.

Takin' It Easy, 1916
Smirk Theatre

Near Bristol, a clueless Swindonian encounters a secluded town with a distaste for strangers. Will he adapt to their unusual ways in time to host their annual fete? We don’t know, but there'll be a raffle.

Tally Ho, Secret Several!
Aireborne Theatre

A spoof of Enid Blyton’s adventure book series The Secret Seven. Join this unruly bunch of intrepid explorers as they encounter intrigue, danger and piping hot rock buns in this high-energy, nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek comedy.

There Is No Problem (Here)
Rove St. Productions

Ever wondered what fairy tale characters are up to off-duty? Maybe they're just like you and me – trying to catch a break but getting delayed by drama. A thoughtful comedy exploiting life's unavoidable concerns.

Tick, Tick... Boom!
Gone Rogue Productions

Before RENT, there was Tick, Tick... Boom!, an autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson. 14 songs, 10 characters, three actors and a band taking you an intimate journey and questioning the definition of success within the performing arts.

University of Aberdeen – Creative Writing 2019

A comedic tour of the sweaty (Scottish) twenty-something's nightlife. Written by the students of the illustrious University of Aberdeen Creative Writing Masters, Toothbrush is a story of dissipating friendship, bipolar club DJ's and growth.

Trans Pennine
The Orange Works

Trans Pennine is a funny, fast-paced and emotional play about family disagreements, gender-identity, and caravan holidays. Dad is angry, Ben is Amy, and Mum... is in the margarine tub.

Trust the Teenagers
And Then There Were Four

Trust the teenagers to fall too hard, act too fast, think too deep, drink too much. Trust the teenagers and we will entertain you with a series of comedic sketches of scintillating insights into the teenage brain.

Uninvited Guests
ArdCol Productions

ArdCol welcomes you to the world of the Uninvited Guests: dreamers, storytellers and liars. You are of course invited, but beware of those who slip through the cracks and come when we least expect.

The Visitors
Reading University Drama Society

The Visitors follows a night in the life of addict Danny, as he is visited by the stages of his addiction: pain, desire, euphoria, comfort and paranoia. This dark comedy-drama is basically A Christmas Carol meets Fight Club.

Walls and Bridges
Acting Coach Scotland

With their country plunged into political crisis by anti-Government strikes - a group of young East German students are ordered to ‘persuade’ the protestors to go home peacefully. But as a battalion of Soviet tanks confronts the protestors, the students soon begin to question their mission, and whether they will find themselves on the wrong side of history.
Discover the little-known true story of the 1953 East German uprising that planted the earliest seeds for the fall of the Berlin Wall thirty six years later.

Who Killed Bambi?
Reading University Drama Society

Who Killed Bambi? A punk murder mystery. Four friends and an unexpected visitor are thrown by a sudden death. Trust turns to suspicion as secrets are exposed, leading everyone to question: who killed Charlie?

The Zed Word
Gone Rogue Productions

The world is ending. Max and Lawrence are doing crosswords. Then an unwelcome visitor turns up on their doorstep and everything goes to hell. Sometimes the monsters outside aren't half as bad as the company within.


The Argyll Theatre

Our two venues on North Bridge are close to identical, intimate thrust spaces with large stages and seating 50. Both spaces cater for theatre companies with up to 12 performers.

Audience capacity
Stage size
5 x 3m
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities

LED-based lighting rig and programmable desk

Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects

The Perth Theatre

Our two venues on North Bridge are close to identical, intimate thrust spaces with large stages and seating 50. Both spaces cater for theatre companies with up to 12 performers.

Audience capacity
Stage size
5 x 3m
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities

LED-based lighting rig and programmable desk

Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects

The Fife Theatre

New for 2018, our new Fife Theatre could not be closer to the Royal Mile (it’s overlooking it!). A modest yet flexible 39-seater end-on space with a large stage

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities

LED-based lighting rig comprising Briteq BT-Theatre100EC LED fresnels, ETC LUSTR+ LED Source 4 profiles and Lanta Fireball (or similar) LED PAR 64s.

Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects