theSpace on North Bridge

fringe venue

Located where the Royal Mile meets North Bridge the venue is located perfectly for Fringe audiences. And, with our other theatres at theSpace on the Mile, theSpace @ Venue 45 and theSpace on Niddry St all just a few yards away, we are pleased to be able to offer audiences a wonderful theatre hub right at the centre of the festival.

The venue has a strong reputation for small to mid-scale theatre, music, improv, sketch and comedy. In recent years shows here have won varied awards including the Daily Mail Pick of the Fringe, various NSDF nominations and the Three Weeks Editors Award. The theatres are suitable for casts of 1-12.

theSpace on North Bridge Shows

The Actor's Nightmare
Mercury Theatre Productions

George is an accountant. Problem is no one seems to agree with him. This classic comedy follows George as he's thrust on stage and forced to improvise lines he doesn’t know for a play that keeps changing.

Alfred Hitchcock's Writers' Room
Reading University Drama Society

Four writers. Four scripts. One dead woman. Set in 1961, Alfred Hitchock’s Writers’ Room is a darkly comedic, original play in which our writers' suspicious stories hold the clue to a young woman’s murder.

amendments: A Play on Words
Middle-Weight Theatre Company

At John Chesterton's firm, political correctness is paramount, and language deemed offensive or discriminatory becomes increasingly forbidden. As this censorship and prohibition intensifies, John is left asking: will there soon be nothing left to say?

Split Note Theatre

Artificial intelligence now plays an integral role in everybody’s lives. Self-isolating robotic therapist Dom knows this as well as anyone. However, he is given a chance to break the cycle of his loneliness when he meets someone extraordinary.

As It Happened (Contemporaneous Notes)

Five writers have worked together since 1st January 2018, writing a new scene each week in response to the week’s news. These responses are now staged in dialogue, asking urgent questions of society in 2018.

Babes Against Bullshit
Camille Bell and Dona Adwera in association with yt2 Theatre

Women have claimed intellectual and economic power for themselves, culture has simply found new ways to make us inferior. A patchwork of stories tackling the identity and experiences of young women.

Bad Dog
University of York DramaSoc

Grace comes home to find a crime scene in her living room. Her sister, Eve, has killed their neighbour's dog. As they try to clean the room together, secrets from their past can't stay secret any longer.

Beaker's Place
Only Lucky Dogs

Beaker is the lonely owner of an illegal body disposal service. On the brink of suicide, he receives one final urgent delivery. Anxious to complete his own "departure", Beaker is shocked when the bag begins to move...

Afterthought Theatre

Six best friends. One devastating secret between the cracks. How do they keep it from surfacing in a world where men can't lie?

Bottled Up
Colleen Cameron

Jeanie hoards plastic bottles. No one’s perfect. Her baby’s stopped crying. Peace. Fancy a cuppa? This captivating, funny and sobering play explores eco-anxiety, our dependency on plastics and considers the irony of living in a world of plenty.

Brenda's Got a Baby
Bloomin' Buds Theatre Company

Brenda is 16 and pregnant, Amy is the first in her family to go to university. What could possibly go wrong? This brand-new verbatim play explores the struggles that young, working class women face.

Choking to Death on a Currant Bun
Mr Brown Presents

A mind-bending dark comedy cracking open the naughty secrets and private dreams that most of us would want to keep hidden. Expect romance, knitting and lots of flour...

The Cutlery Crew

A six-foot woman and a sex doll take on femininity. A physical romp into embracing bigness. Live soundscape, a big call to confidence. What if we maximised a woman instead of shrinking her? It's time to get big!

Congratulations You B@$T@*D!
Ghosted Ink

Ghosted Ink presents Congratulations You B@$TA*D!, a comedy that looks at artistic integrity, what we all really want out of life and how sometimes, no matter what the excuse, we'll try and get completely sh*t faced.


Deeply tender and sensuous, Sarah Kane’s Crave is set in an unnamed city from which voices and images spring. The play charts the disintegration of human minds under the pressures of love, loss and desire.

Dick Barton: The Tango of Terror
The Television Workshop Salford

Evil foreigners are at large, British Dick and his trusty working-class sidekicks face a ticking time bomb to foil a ruthless Latin love thug’s plot before he steals every pearl necklace in London.

The Emancipation of Resonance

Aurigami – The Emancipation of Resonance. Synchronicity flies between two highly accomplished multi-instrumentalists, folding sound into fascinating shapes and textures using acoustic analogue and digital sources. Every performance is a premiere.

Talon Theatre

A physicist on the brink of being able to explain the mysteries of the universe still can’t figure out his unpredictable girlfriend. Can love be understood through quantum mechanics? This unique play is funny, sad and gets you thinking.

The EU Inspector
Acting Coach Scotland

The arrival of an undercover inspector sends officials of a new EU country into a spin. Panic ensues as they frenziedly cover up their double-dealing and ineptitude in this witty and fast-paced version of Gogol’s satirical masterpiece.

Skin & Bone Theatre

Irvine Welsh and Harry Gibson's relentless one-man show returns. Warning: this performance contains sleaze, power and the abuse of just about everything. And a tapeworm. Same rules apply. 'Genius' ★★★★★ ( 'Addictive' ★★★★★ ( 'Tour-de-force' ★★★★ (

First Dates
Shazam Theatre Company

Come and join the members of the First Dates dating agency on their journey into the world of love. There are highs, lows and many, many secrets in this hilarious new piece of theatre. Is love all around?

Laughing Mirror

Ashley Lancaster is 303rd on London’s Most Wanted, having previously been caught trying to take the column from underneath Nelson. Desperate to be first, his natural next step is stealing the Mona Lisa… What could possibly go wrong?

From Today Everything Changes
The Orange Works

Before Chris’s wife died she made him promise to be himself. But accepting he’s gay is only the beginning. A tender, humorous and honest look at older men coming out.

A Gallant Life
Not Cricket Productions

Motor-racing champion, suffragette, ambulance driver, and decorated war veteran, Muriel Thompson consistently broke new ground. A true and heart-warming new musical about what happens when a woman defies expectations and takes matters into her own hands.

Seeing Other People Productions

Hal's life is looking up. He was just cast in a new play with a well-known director, a friendly co-star and a hot gay playwright. Only one problem, they all think he's straight. Can he keep up the ruse?

Good Vibes Only
Laughing Mirror

Welcome to Good Vibes Only, Gloucester’s sex toy superstore! Meet the regulars/irregulars that thrust open our doors. You may laugh, cry or produce a British chuckle. Either way, it's so good you'll want to come twice...

The Hollywood Effect
Mermaids: The University of St Andrews Performing Arts Fund

Movies present a version of "normal" life we think we ought to conform to. They gloss over life, giving us an ideal we believe attainable. Realise this "normal" and "ideal" life are jargon, we are free.

I Love You... But
Closed Door Theatre

What is your idea of love? There's a very blurred line between a protective, loving relationship and one that's abusive. When there are no visible scars, just mental ones, how do you escape when you're trapped?

I, Sniper
Acting Coach Scotland

With her country under attack from the Nazis, a teenage mother joins the Red Army, becomes one of the deadliest snipers and changes the course of history. Discover the story of Lyudmila Pavlichenko – an incredible hero.

The Infamous Five Sketch Show
The Five Guys Revue

Publishers have released all the children's stories too filthy for the page! The Infamous Five Sketch Show brings classic fables face-to-face with the dark mundanity of Nottingham's suburbs. Come along to ruin your childhood retrospectively!

Wrong Tree Theatre

Invited by Lucifer to see his empire, a young lawyer journeys down into hell. But down there, she begins to question everything she believes. Can she save the souls she deems worthy? Or will Lucifer drag her down too.

The Interview
Imperial College Dramatics Society

In an interview waiting room, Alex grapples with the appearance of his subconscious as a walking, talking, sarcastic bundle of joy. While he waits, the conversation touches on drugs, religion and polygamy, all curiously relevant to Alex’s life.

The Ladies Loo Chronicles
Cows and Kisses Theatre Company

The Ladies Loo Chronicles is a fun, feisty and female-powered performance. Join us, as we take you for a trip around the U-bend. Ever wondered what happens in the ladies loo?

Leave. To Remain (an Aristophanic Brexit Tale)
Found In Translation Theatre Company

Follow Dick's journey through an absurd post-Brexit alt-reality as he rejoins the EU all by himself. Based on Aristophanes' Acharnians, this brings the silliness and satire of ancient Greek comedy to contemporary Britain.

A Librarian
NKP Theatre Company

A naive librarian witnesses an incident that will change the rest of her life. ‘A rich and nuanced performance at the heart of this gripping play.’ (Paul Fowler: Guild of Drama Adjudicators chair). One week only.

Chevron Theatre

Young, sassy and supposed virgin, Queen Liz navigates her way through a Tudor labyrinth of undesirable suitors, pompous councillors, and tedious diplomacy. How will Liz save her nation when the buffoonish King Philip of Spain declares war?

Lonely TWOgether Beijing Version
Homo Ludens Ensemble

What would happen if Vanya lived in Beijing, and we, the contemporaries, lived in Popova’s Russian county? Devised from Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya and The Bear, Lonely TWOgether explores themes of love and loss from classical texts.

Lonely TWOgether Taipei Version
Homo Ludens Ensemble

Working with Taipei actors, Lonely TWOgether explores characters and events of Chekhov’s texts via improvisation and adaptation, and blends cultural elements for a vivid study of culture, humanity and how life plays its way on stage.

The Lost Matriarch 2

Chuckle award runner-up (1998) Berlinda will take you on a journey to The Lost Matriarch, leaving behind all you have ever known about gender. But in the upside-down world of TLM2, who am I?

Love on Blue Canvas, 1890
The Blue Moon Theatre Company

Three lovers. One engagement portrait. Someone's out of the picture. With memories spanning three centuries, LOBC, 1890 is a heartfelt miniature of love on the run, of stories lost and won.

Minotaur Theatre Company

The horrors of Stalin's Russia come to life in Minotaur Theatre Company's thrilling historical drama. You can't trust anyone in a police state, even the ones you love.

yt2 Theatre Company

A timeless story of ruthless ambition reimagined through a female lens, yt2’s Macbeth will bring humour and a modern energy to Shakespeare’s classic.

Mr Joshua Plummer's Comedy Showcase
Bootcamp Productions

A series of sketches and vignettes exploring misunderstanding and mistaken identity, miscommunication, sexuality and people’s fantasies. Written by Joshua Plummer. Script editor Stefan Antoniuk.

The New Electric Ballroom
yt2 Theatre Company

In a remote fishing village, three sisters, Breda, Clara and Ada endlessly obsess and re-live their memories of love, snatched from their hands and never seen since.

Not Dead Yet!
Woolly Sheep Theatre Company

Not Dead Yet! is a one-man show exploring memory loss. We challenge audiences through music, humour and real-life personal stories in situations which many will recognise. Where is the real person in all this?

Nowt as Queer as Folk
Coast to Coast Theatre Company

A village. A feud. A double-booked village hall. A society torn apart by yoga, chardonnay and a corrupt planning officer. In this place, anything goes... Except the New Estate. And socialism, obviously.

Number, Please.

  1. An unsuspecting switchboard operator becomes embroiled in an international plot to destroy the world. Can she, the not-so-innocent bystander, save the world? Or will her lack of experience and necessary skills drag the mismatched team down?

Out of Control
yt2 Theatre Company

Love: it’s what we all want, but what happens when that love gets out of control? yt2 present Out of Control, a new verbatim play by Joanne Denson, made from true accounts of control and abuse.

Impact Theatre

Every move. Watched. A society where nothing is secret. How willingly do we share our lives – and who can be trusted? Is this science fiction or a dystopian reality where elections are bought and truth is subjective?

The Pleasantries of Peasantry
Theatre with Teeth

The latest comedy from Theatre with Teeth. When four hapless peasants are roped into joining a crusade to the Holy land, the quadsome quickly realise how stunningly out of their depth they truly are. Cults, camaraderie and Canadian geese are simply a few of the bumps on their long long long road to Jerusalem. So join Bardolf and the gang as they take you on a journey through what truly are the pleasantries of peasantry!

P.s. - The Canadian Geese are a lie (blame the writers).

Primrose Path
Mannequin Mouth

Chriss and Damon are in love. They have rules, they have roles – and they play games. Sometimes, they hurt each other. When they play. Such is love. Love is winning. Chriss and Damon are in love.

Rainbow Baby
River Gypsy Productions

The reality of LGBT+ pregnancy. Alice and Melissa are a married couple who want to start a family, but it isn't easy. They document their journey on YouTube but when tragedy strikes, their grief becomes a public affair.

Remember Scarborough
Jon Davis and Adam Smart

War doesn't end when the fighting stops. An old man and his younger self look at the naive excitement of young RAF recruits, through the pain of loss to the post-war rebuilding. 'Excellent and well crafted' (

A Romantic's Guide to the Apocalypse: A New Musical
Reading University Drama Society

Jack discovers the world will end in one week, but also gets his first-ever date. This hilarious musical asks what happens if you fall in love when the world ends?

Sex Waitress
Sex Waitress Co

  1. A group of friends from East London try to live without shame and stop a hoard of sex offenders, known as Keiths, from destroying their world.

The Shakuhachi Experience
Markus Guhe

This fascinating new show takes the shakuhachi, Japan's ancient, quintessential bamboo flute, on a journey from its mythical beginnings shrouded in mystery into the 21st century. The programme features traditional shakuhachi solos, taiko drumming and live electronics.

A Sight of Abject Pity and Ruin
Orbis Tertius Theatre

In a world lost in time there is a forgotten Figure, enter his den and lose yourself in an absurd and morbid milieu of mime. Question yourself, your self and your sanity.

Spin City
Bootcamp Productions

Monday afternoon. Not much going on besides a robbery and chores at Spin City launderette. Between washes and a failed robbery, Spin City users could become the unlikely beneficiaries.

Spring Awakening
Bancroft's Players

Small-town England. 1963. Far from the burgeoning sexuality of swinging London, repressed teenagers experience their own revolution.

Marcus and Wilhelm

Dave and Vince wake up in a morgue... dead! Not the most promising start to the day. A brand new absurdist comedy by Marcus and Wilhelm. Produced in association with The Civic, Barnsley.

That's So GCSE
Good Bad Ideas

Blackouts. Chair duets. Overacting. Brecht. Watch these students navigate the GCSE Theatre curriculum to perform a stunning show of their combined pubescent talents in this hilarious new comedy, showcasing the fond memory of amateur and GCSE Theatre.

Too Many Ukes Spoil the Broth
Ukelear Fusion

The resident ukulele band of the University of St Andrews performs hits from all kinds of genres. This fun-loving quirky group will brighten your day with excellent harmonies, rocking uke solos and top banter.

The Trail to Oregon!
Gone Rogue Productions

The Trail to Oregon is based on the 90s video game. The Oregon Trail follows an all-American family as they make their way from Missouri to Oregon. Throughout their journey, they encounter starvation, bandits and dysentery.

Trans Pennine
The Orange Works

Trans Pennine is a funny, fast-paced and emotional play about family disagreements, gender-identity and caravan holidays. Dad is angry, Ben is Amy, and Mum... is in the margarine tub.

Two by Jim Cartwright (Clueless Presents)
Clueless Theatre

2 actors provide a cocktail of customers in this busy northern pub: from the weird and wonderful, to the serious and cynical. All viewed from the eyes of your landlords.

Upcastle Downcastle
UnderOwl Theatre

A pantomime for grown-ups and grown-ups at heart. Madcap, slightly raunchy, and highly self-aware adventure with ridiculous characters, silly jokes, bizarre plot, and a very low budget. Not to be taken too seriously. Probably not suitable for children.

Who Killed Franz Ferdinand?
Slipshod Theatre

An Archduke assassinated. Europe on a knife edge. Four academic addicts trying to solve a murder. An idiotic killer. Death cult deception. Sword fights and feminism. Forensics and future queens. Politics and potatoes. Hilarious historical satire.

World in Progress
Merde! Theatre Company

World in Progress is a brand-new musical song-cycle that explores our ever-changing relationship with the earth, told using an eclectic mix of song styles from jazz to musical theatre and more.

You All Know Me, I'm Jack Ruby!
Clifford Barry

Lee Harvey Oswald, suspected assassin of President Kennedy, is gunned down by Jack Ruby live on national television. Ruby: The Mafia's man in Dallas. Really? 'Absolutely terrific' (List). 'Intensely brilliant acting' (


The Argyll Theatre

Our two venues on North Bridge are close to identical, intimate thrust spaces with large stages and seating 50. Both spaces cater for theatre companies with up to 12 performers.

Audience capacity
Stage size
5 x 3m
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities
LED-based lighting rig and programmable desk
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects

The Perth Theatre

Our two venues on North Bridge are close to identical, intimate thrust spaces with large stages and seating 50. Both spaces cater for theatre companies with up to 12 performers.

Audience capacity
Stage size
5 x 3m
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities
LED-based lighting rig and programmable desk
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects

The Fife Theatre

New for 2018, our new Fife Theatre could not be closer to the Royal Mile (it’s overlooking it!). A modest yet flexible 40-seater end-on space with a large stage

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage.
Lighting facilities
LED-based lighting rig comprising Briteq BT-Theatre100EC LED fresnels, ETC LUSTR+ LED Source 4 profiles and Lanta Fireball (or similar) LED PAR 64s.
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects