theSpace @ Jurys

fringe venue

It's an ideal theatre for the first time Edinburgh show, the 40 seat end on black box caters comfortably for 1-4 handers. The venue has developed naturally since 2002 into one offering an affordable opportunity for young theatre companies to come to Edinburgh for a long run, on a budget and perform right at the heart of the Fringe.

theSpace @ Jurys Shows

The 2 Mouthed Men Experience
2 Mouthed Men

Beatboxing. Sketch comedy. At the same time.

Poetry House

A Spoken Word performance exploring ideas around Van Gogh, love, life, language and art. Featuring Jahmar Ngozi (Emerging Artist Award winner, Arcola Theatre; Slam Champion, Spoken in London), Solomon Adams and Danielle Allen (The Feminine Principle).

Helen Pepper-Smith from Pepper Productions

What happens when a fortysomething single woman rediscovers her childhood crush on an 80s pop icon? A liberation from pissed off boredom and an awakening of sexual fantasies. Humorous, fierce and sometimes sad.

Armour: A Herstory of the Scottish Bard
Fearless Players

After the death of Robert Burns, his widow Jean Armour and mistress Nancy Maclehose, finally meet. Using Burns' music, interwoven with original composition, Armour gives a voice to the women behind the bard.

The Big Lie
Kungälv Sverige and Shaniaz Hama Ali

The Big Lie. How far would you go to make it?

Breathing Corpses

Amy has found a body in a hotel room. There’s a funny smell coming from Jim’s storage units. Kate's furious after spending all day with the police. There's no going back after what they've seen.

Creative Project: The Importance of Place – Collaging Workshop for Creatives
Wendy Kaiser and Marna Hauk, PhD

Workshop: exploring your place relationships, connecting with circles of support, and your artistic inspiration from your individual sense of home, in a collaging workshop. Free.

A Dangerous Woman
Flying Fox

Finding her perfect, childhood-sweetheart marriage descending into a mixture of apathy, rage and enforced dependency, the reality of losing everything is presented to Monica Sims in a starkness she’d much rather not see. However, when a random involuntary act takes her by surprise, she discovers a completely unexpected, undreamed of career change making her a dangerous woman in an outrageous bid for freedom.
A Dangerous Woman is funny, surprising, poignant, touching and disturbing.

The Edge of You
Off Kilter

A celebration and a mourning, this is an intimate story about relationships and the gaps between what we think and what we say brought to you by Off Kilter (recipients of the 2017 Bruce Millar Award).

For Goodness Sake! Productions

A must see hilarious and deeply moving one-woman show from Belfast! In one moment a woman’s jaded world is turned upside down and the dying embers of her spirit are reignited... forever!
"Clever,thought provoking,superbly acted. A must see!"

Ben Lowry The Newsletter

Eric Davidson – Words of a Blether
Eric Davidson

One of Scotland's finest comedy performers returns to Edinburgh with his most powerful, fast-paced poetry and parody show to date. Fasten your seatbelts! 'Eric Davidson commands attention' (Edinburgh Evening News).

Get Silly With Willy – The Cannelloni Experience
Willy Cannelloni

Get silly with Willy and his many alter egos, as they take you on an unforgettable, mind-bending visionquest – an evening of trance-inducing stories, songs, raps and monologues based on your suggestions.

The Golden Path
Vanessa Hammick for Croydon Cycle Theatre

The Golden Path is about trying to do the right thing – personally and politically. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, how do you know your efforts are leading you the right way?

Here Be Improv

Join the knightly improvised quest for shenanigans and hilarity. A medieval adventure for all ages – young, old, and Middle.

I Can't Do This
Lewis Goody

A glimpse into the mind of a 29-year-old boy/man. The making of an Edinburgh show from the POV of a terrified performer. With music, fear, dance, fear, comedy, fear, terror and fear. Exploring the theme: fear.

I'm Your Man – Letters of the World's Most Ambitious Job Applicant
Sam Broadley

This unbelievably ambitious, deluded, multiple job-applicant failure attempts to inspire his audiences to become the best they can be... Think Pope, Prime Minister, James Bond... and more!

It's All My Mother's Fault!
Romina Puma

Romina Puma comes back darker than ever! A show about love and the lack of it. About selfishness as a last means of survival. 'Personal, funny and frank!' (Kate Copstick).

Jennifer Lack: Narratively Satisfying
Jennifer Lack

Join pathological truth-seeker Jennifer Lack on a quixotic quest (with "help" from hero Virginia Woolf) to discover why her grandma committed suicide. Boldly metafictional, Narratively Satisfying asks: do we really write our own destinies?

Life and Death of a Near-Hero
Joe Palermo

"Nearly" comedy about my memories as a professional stripper and near-hero during London Bridge terror attack in 2016. I have been doing a lot of things and people always get it wrong.

Life on Venus
True Arrow

True Arrow presents a series of scenes which readjust the balance of male to female dialogue by putting women front and centre with a multi-rolling cast of four women and one man.

Little Sparks
Fat Fox Productions

Baxter and Lisa: proud fire wardens of their little office. Heroes-in-waiting for the day their training will save the world! A frantic, romantic comedy by Paul Richards about things just going too far.

Lost Lore
Lost Tail Theatre

Rich storytelling, breath-taking animation and enchanting sound design are the tools Lost Tail Theatre use to transport audiences into ancient British folklore. These stories have been passed on to us and now we pass them on to you.

Model Behaviour
Marked Productions

'I've been modelling so long now it's who I am.' Juice cleanses, fashion parties, dodgy dates and a line or two – Model Behaviour is a dark one-woman comedy for the modern audience and the anti-heroine generation.

Mr Lorraine
Lorraine Chademunhu

Some choose their alter ego. As for Mr Lorraine, it chose her. This one-woman show takes you on a hilarious journey with some WTF moments. 'You're a man because you sound like one!' Really?

Yellow Brick

I tried to put myself in a neat, cosy nutshell. But none felt right. So suffocating. Come see me crack them open... One woman explores the spectrum of the weird and wonderful, mental health and being human. Performance poetry/theatre.

Old Movies Saved My Life
Mel Byron

Where does a Lancashire lass learn about life, love, fashion? Old movies! If you love those b/w classics, join Mel for an affectionate look at the films that taught her everything a girl should know.

Party Night
Based on a True Story

December, 1979. Keith and Valerie have been together 15 years and are very much in love, but he is keeping something from her. Will a chance phone call change everything? A dark new play inspired by real events.

The Piano Men
Emma Knights Productions

I am sure they are here somewhere – the piano women. With my dad as my piano teacher, was I destined to be inspired by only male pianists or were there other forces at play?

Sad Clowns
Northern Lighters

Can you decide how you're remembered? Would you want to? Would you leave a video behind just in case? Two people on stage. One person has hit the record button.

Terra Is a Warm Gun
Hush-Hush Theatre Group

Terra’s full artist name is Hung Yung Terrarist. When the Uber driver pulls up and asks if she’s “Hung,” “so hung” is usually the response. Hung Yung Terrarist dropped her last name so as not to directly or indirectly support terrorism, as specified in the terrorist clause on the Ed Fringe website. Hung’s show makes no sense, so don’t try to put a bow on “Terra is a Warm Gun.” Just put on your seat belt, and let her f*k your world with her big dck energy. She has been working on self-medicating and becoming a sociopath for the last few years. “Life isn’t a theatre!” she cries. Fresh out of Los Angeles, this is her first show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Tom Hannah
Tom Hannah

This is a highly original one-man show – a combination of acoustic guitar and light-hearted verse touching subjects as diverse as vanity, marriage, safaris, demolition, ambition, hypochondria, Brexit and inappropriate courting techniques.

Tonight With Donny Stixx
Fear No Colours

Donny wanted to be a magician. He wanted to impress people. He wanted to go down in history. But he did something horrible: something not even magic could fix. Now how will he be remembered?



Located at our already established theSpace @ Jurys and back for 2018 after proving very popular in 2017, the Studio Theatre is an intimate 31-seat end on performance space offering a defined programme of stand-up comedy, spoken word, sketch, stand up magic and non-set/prop theatre.

Audience capacity
Stage size
3 x 1m
Stage height
Ground level
Overhead clearance
2.3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
We are unable to store any set or props at this space
Lighting facilities
4 x 500w Fresnels rigged front-of-house
Sound facilities
Mic & stand feeding stereo powered speakers


The room is blacked out around the edges using floor-to-ceiling drapes, with access to the dressing room via the main entrance to the theatre. The venue has an intimate feel and is suited to small-scale theatre, sketch, and monologue performances.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
Ground level
Overhead clearance
2.3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small storage space only suitable for small items of set and props.
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects